"Debbie owned the stage by explaining how to grow our speaking business with clients who want to hear our talks again and again. You can tell she has the goods by her answers to questions during onstage presentations."

- Jim Egerton, Best-Selling Author of Business on the Board


"I had the pleasure of being in your workshop at the Great Lakes Women's Business Conference last week. Thank you for the wonderful marketing steps to make success happen. It really got me fired up. You were very engaging and fun to listen to."
"Exceeded expectations."
"Amazing detail."
"I want to be like you."
"So informative. I was hungry to hear it all."
"Outstanding. So much information. Very helpful."



"I was immediately captivated by Debbie's depth of knowledge and creative presentation on developing and executing a marketing plan. Her presentation is by far the most detailed, easy-to-understand, and value-packed presentation I've seen."
- Bobbi Baehne, President, Think Big Go Local, Inc.

Here's What Attendees Have Said...

"I always get something to work on when you talk."
"Outstanding content - so well organized and simple."
"Excellent presentation."
"Your presentation was fabulous!!!"
"Wonderful presentation. Enlightening."
"Awesome content."