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1.    Develop a Seven-Step Marketing Plan Process

2.    Become a Game Changing Marketer

3.    Improve Your Marketing Plan Effectiveness with Measurement

4.    Develop a Sustainable Customer Communication Strategy

5.    Develop a Calendar of Employee Communications

6.    Create Marketing Solutions that Prepare for Opportunities

7.    Develop and Executive a Living and Breathing Marketing Plan

8.    Examples, Stories, Ideas, and Strategies from the Front Line to Energize Your Marketing Efforts

9.    Bring Your Challenges to the Table for Creative Problem Solving Sessions

10.  Develop Case Studies, Articles, Internal and External Publications, Press Releases and Press Kits

11.  Identify Customer Opportunities

12.  Select Marketing and Communication Activities

13.  Prepare a Marketing and Communication Budget

14.  Implement and Evaluate Your Plan

15.  Organize a Team

16.  Develop Purpose Statements

17.  Create a Corporate Identity

18.  Develop a Corporate Communication Strategy