Through my speaking and workshop development and facilitation, I share successes and strategies, insights and experiences, and help individuals and teams, in all sizes and types of organizations, identify opportunities to market and communicate to target audiences, build relationships, expand their knowledge base, gain confidence and Make Success Happen!


Marketing Executive

 Through my company, Creative Technical Resources, I help organizations strengthen their internal culture and external presence by fine-tuning marketing and communication plans and implementation strategies with expertly targeted, written and designed materials. My team and I help individuals better understand where their company is today, and improve their audience connections for optimal results.

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Client Reviews
"My experience with Debbie Fliehman is nothing short of amazing. Her insights and contributions toward the development of creative solutions and expanding opportunities must be embraced. Let me encourage everyone to learn from Debbie as soon as you can!"
 - Jeffrey, Executive Director -
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"Debbie always makes my company look good! Whether it's advertising, writing, exhibiting, planning, or implementing a strategic plan, Debbie's comprehensive services and professional, consultative approach has made my business grow and shine over the last twenty years. I strongly recommend Debbie to any size business!"
 - Joseph, General Manager -
"Debbie is one of the most thorough and effective marketing professionals I have ever dealt with. It's a pleasure to deal with someone whose team delivers what they promise by the date they promise it."
 - Mark, President -
Business Owner